Online dating app development cost with Flutter (a cross-platform framework) in 2022?

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The development cost for a dating app with a cross-platform framework(Flutter) varies widely depending on the custom features your app needs. Every dating app is unique and it is not practical to give cost estimate to every possible tailored solution, so we assume that your custom dating app (or MVP - Minimum viable product) will be going to have at least the following features, so we have some common ground to make cost estimation.

Moreover, development is sub-divided into two major groups one is a consumer-facing mobile app (Android & iOS ), which is accessible by the customers to find suitable matches. The other one is Client facing web app where the employees of the company will act as moderators & receive feedback from customers.

1. Consumer-facing Mobile App (for Android & iOS).

Following are the features considered for Android & iOS mobile app for cost estimation.

List of online dating ios & android mobile app features

2 Client-facing web app.

This web app will only be accessible to the entrepreneur & employees. Through this staff can check & update the following.

Online dating client facing web app features.

So here is the final cost you will likely to incur to get your custom dating app or MVP developed with the above-explained features.

Final cost for online dating app.
Price in USD
Consumer-facing mobile app for Android & iOS with source code and custom logo.   $ 21,000/-  
Client-facing web app with source code   $ 3,500/-  
Total   $ 24,500/-  

Other costs

Even though these are minimal in nature and not a part of development, however having the knowledge of these, is not going to hurt, so here are few of those...

Frequently asked questions.

Could the app be made in multiple languages?

Yes, we develop dating apps to support multiple languages of your choice. However, it will be charged extra.

Could we implement AI(artificial intelligence) to suggest matches?

Depending on the complexity of matching criteria we need at least some thousand profiles in the app to create an AI-based match suggestion. Once we have the minimum crowd, we could implement this feature.

How much time will it require to build an online dating app?

Generally, the cross-platform app with the above specification will be completed in 02 months including release to the app store & play store. If you need any custom functions it may take little longer.

Could your agency develop the Tinder, Hinge, Grinder clone apps?

We develop mobile applications to suit every possible design & feature. And if you need something that's already built, it will be easy for us.

If we use a cross-platform framework like Flutter to develop the apps for iOS, Android & web cost will always be justifiable without any deterioration in quality, however, if we go with native coding (means separate codebase for each platform) to build the app, the cost will always be 2x-3x more than what we have proposed here. On a side note, we deliver a custom dating app like this to suit your unique needs & brand aesthetics within 02 months.

Further note that, not all agencies are created equal, so do your research before ordering your app. Or you could avoid that risk by letting us build the app tailored for your vision so that you will have more time to get new users & expand your app reach.

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