Cost of a cross-platform online shopping or eCommerce app development with Flutter in 2022?

Been thinking about releasing an eCommerce app for your business and wanted to know how much a typical mobile app development (cross-platform) costs then you are in the right place. Before we dig into the costing part, if you would like to know how a typical eCommerce store process the order, refer to our post about order processing.

So, let's start...!

A fully functional eCommerce app development is divided into two sections, one is a consumer-facing mobile app (Android & iOS ), which is accessible by the customers to find suitable products. The other one is Client facing web app where the employees of the company will update product & shipping details.

Every online shopping app has unique features to suit the target audience and is built to that niche, so to have some common ground to make cost estimation we assume that your custom eCommerce app (or MVP - Minimum viable product) will be going to have at least the mentioned features.

1. Consumer-facing Mobile Apps (for Android & iOS).

We consider the following features are minimum to run an online shopping store, without the customers saying 'c**p!' whenever they open the app and are counted for the cost estimation.

List of consumer-facing android & ios eCommerce mobile app features

2 Client-facing / Seller web app.

This web app will only be accessible to the designated staff of the company. This will be the dashboard to check/update/add all the business side of things. It includes the following features.

List of client facing oneline shopping or eCommerce seller web app features

Yeah, we know the list is long and the mobile app built with the above features makes one good of an eCommerce app & if we build the same with a cross-platform framework like flutter it will be a blast.

The cost we charge for the custom online shopping app or MVP developed with the explained features is...

Final cost for eCommerce or online shopping app.
Price in USD
Consumer-facing mobile app for Android & iOS with source code and custom logo.   $ 19,700/-  
Client-facing web app with source code   $ 8,500/-  
Total   $ 28,200/-  

Frequently asked questions.

Could you connect CMS like WordPress & Shopify to the app?

when you are already having a WordPress / Shopify website and want to fetch the product details from that CMS (content management system), we will integrate this without any additional charges.

Can the customer shop for products outside of the product description page?

Yes, the option of "add to cart" is available for individual items on the main page, category pages & search results with an option to select the quantity.

Do you provide social authentication like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.?

We could very well include social authentication in the app. But as most of the social login providers give users the option to mask their original email id's we recommend our clients to use email login only, so that we get actual contact info the customer & communication will be through.

Does the app check whether the item is deliverable to the buyer's ZIP code?

Buyer ZIP code will be obtained for the first time when the buyer tries to add the item to the cart. Once we have a zip code, the same will be stored in the database & will be reused to check the delivery of items to the user. An option to change/update the ZIP code is also provided. If required, a system for item-specific delivery location checking will also be built at additional costs.

Could the shopper have multiple delivery addresses?

Before every order, the shopper has presented the option to select any of the delivery addresses they used in the past and also an option to enter a new address. However, the option to select multiple delivery locations for a single transaction is not available.

Could we moderate the reviews before they become visible to other buyers?

The option will be provided to the staff of the company to check the star rating & review posted by buyers. Only after the staff/moderator accepted the review, it will become visible in the app.

Could I customize the shipping label?

The shipping label will be customized as per business requirements, including the addition of QR codes.

How much time will it require to build an eCommerce app?

Generally, the cross-platform app with the above specification will be completed in 02 months including release to the app store & play store. However, it may take longer depending on the custom features required.

Could I offer a discount code to the individual shopper?

Yes, of course, we could develop a system to offer discount code applicable only to the selected shopper. But the same is not included in this cost estimation.

Could I add multiple shipping partners?

Adding multiple shipping partners (Like one shipping company for big items & one for small items or one shipper for urban location & another one for rural location delivery) could be done. But the same is not included in this cost estimation.

What about B2B sales?

We could build a dedicated B2B sales platform with exclusive features to deal with other businesses.

Which backend do you use for the eCommerce app?

It is generally what fits the project better and also what our client prefers. However, most of the apps we built use Firebase for authentication, document storage, notifications, and BunnyCDN to serve images & video.

Is this estimation/app is for the single seller or multiple sellers?

The above estimation is for an online shopping app for a single seller(who sells directly to the customer), However, if you are looking for a multi-seller platform type application, kindly ask for a quotation.

According to Criteo research, shoppers who buy via the mobile app are twice as likely to return to your online store within 30 days, compared to customers who purchase via the website. As mobile phones are becoming more of a necessity than just a good-to-have luxury it makes more sense to have better apps built for that hand-held universe.

Further as told in the other posts, with a cross-platform framework like Flutter, the development cost will be approximately 2 times less than developing the app for ios & android platforms without any deterioration in quality. And if you are ready to provide a unique shopping experience to your customer & grow your brand, let us know, we are more than happy to build your dream app...

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