How much it cost to build an online fitness or Yoga app with Flutter (cross-platform development) in 2022?

One evergreen saying is "Prevention is better than cure" and as an individual & society, we go the extra mile to prevent ourselves from any ailments. To stay active & healthy some go trekking, some do walking, some are comfortable with running but a bigger portion of health enthusiasts was used to visiting Gym/yoga studio. As the covid forced every physical studio to close their doors, the only option left to these fitness hungry folks is to stay & train at home.

Complete physical & mental wellness is not an obvious activity like walking/running, that everyone knows or does on their own, but is more like a skill, which needs someone to teach & show how to do it right. This insight gap opened the doors of opportunity for the trainers who are knowledgable & know their trade.

That being said, let's discuss how much it cost to convert your "stay fit at home" idea to a consumer app for a new revenue stream.

The development of an online workout app is divided into two units. one is a consumer-facing mobile app (Android & iOS ), which is accessible by the users to find the fitness programs & classes. The other one is Client facing web app where the fitness trainer/studio will add videos, content, plans, etc. To have some common ground for cost estimation, we assume that the fitness/yoga app (MVP - Minimum viable product) will be going to have at least the features described below.

1. Consumer-facing mobile apps (for Android & iOS).

Following are the features considered for Android & iOS mobile apps for cost estimation.

List of consumer facing online fitness or yoga anroid & iOS app features

2 Studio/Client facing web app.

This web app will only be accessible to the designated staff of the company/studio. This is where the client control what should be accessible to consumer-facing mobile apps. It includes the following.

List of client facing online fitness or yoga seller web app features

The final cost you will likely incur to get your custom fitness app or MVP developed with the above-explained features is...

Final cost for online fitness or yoga app.
Price in USD
Consumer-facing mobile app for Android & iOS with source code and custom logo.   $ 21,200/-  
Client-facing web app with source code   $ 3,500/-  
Total   $ 24,700/-  

Frequently asked questions.

Which backend does your development agency use for this physical fitness mobile application?

For most of the projects, we use Firebase for authentication, document storage, notifications, and BunnyCDN for images & video serving. But the clients are provided with the option to choose the cloud provider of their choice.

How the calorie/water/weight tracker data is presented?

Calorie burn rate is presented in a simple graph showing how many calories were burnt by practice. Water intake data will be shown with the target(user-defined) water intake against the actual water the user drink. Weight tracker will be presented along with height & BMI calculation. All the data is shown in graphs, the graph style (like a bar or line graph) is as per client requirement.

Could we show motivation tips that change daily?

If asked, we add this feature to the mobile app free of cost and also write a cloud function to change the tip daily or as per the duration requested by the client.

Could your development agency provide an iOS home widget for the iOS application?

For this app, the iOS home widget will be better suited to show daily tips & fitness goals set by users and of course, we love to include this feature. But home widget feature is not a part of this cost estimation.

Could I add a feature to shop/purchase the equipment required to perform the exercises?

Here there are 02 possibilities, one is to link & open your shopping partner website to purchase the product and the other is to build a shopping feature into the mobile applications. Kindly ask for a quotation to know more.

Could we make the videos play one after another without any manual intervention?

This feature is available by default to the "create own routine" functionality mentioned above, along with the option to set the custom delay time before playing the next video. This could be extended to other videos too.

Which service is used to stream live classes?

Agora SDK will be used to create live video streaming.

How much time will it require to build an eCommerce app?

Generally, the cross-platform app with the above specification will be completed in 02 months including release to the app store & play store. However, it may take longer depending on the custom features required.

Does all the user entries about food/water/weight is stored in the cloud?

All the user entry details will be stored in the cloud in separate documents accessible only to the respective user.

Does the user have to log in & create their account before using the mobile app?

The login screen will be presented to the user before they access the application content. However, the user is also presented with the option to "Log in as Guest", so that they only have to reveal their Facebook/google/apple account, when they choose to become a pro member or to use other features of the app like commenting on videos, uploading profile image, etc.

Could we show the calorie count for each food user inputs automatically?

Few third-party services provide calorie data about almost all the food & beverages, and we could integrate these solutions to show the calorie count of the food user inputs. Further, building your database to cater to this subject is also a possibility.

Could we save the Apple Health kit or google fit data to our backend?

Data from Apple & Google APIs could be copied & saved to the client backend, but this feature is not included in this estimation.

Is it possible to show one/two reminders (set by business) about daily practice without user input?

Of course, we would like to include this feature in the app, if asked by the client at no extra cost. But note that to show reminders(notifications) user has to allow the app to show alerts/notifications. If the user denies the permission, reminders will not be shown.

Finally, if you are a fitness trainer & studio, you might already have the resources (like exercise videos, Fitness plans to suit every persona, contents, etc.,) required to serve the content to the online audience and even if you don't, you could make it in a snap. And if you are worried that once the physical gym/yoga studio opens, there will be no online audience. Please don't be concerned about that scenario, because once the users know how to stay fit from the comfort of the home, even if the streets become open in the future most will be going to stay with your online classes since it has no commute and will be always accessible & cheaper.

The one thing which is stopping you from opening up the new revenue stream is an app well built for both android & ios mobile phones. And if you are ready to provide better fitness training classes to the community, we love to build you the apps that resonate with your passion & technical expertise to keep it growing...

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