The development cost for a cross-platform online food & grocery home delivery app with Flutter in 2022?

After trolling 08-12 hrs at work and 02 hrs of commute, most of us don't have the steam to drive to a grocery shop & wait in the queue to get daily items, so they look for an easier alternative that delivers the items to their doorstep while they chill with Netflix. As online shopping is becoming more & more accessible than ever, it has not become limited to a specific segment of society but reached everyone in the society. Further, with quick shipment & affordability of services, commuting to a physical shopping center is becoming a chore, which many would like to avoid.

Even though we call it a grocery delivery app, the features mentioned here are applicable for many of the local on-demand delivery apps where users expect quick dispatch (max 12 hrs) like pharmacy, prepared food, meat & fish, daily needs, etc.

A fully functional grocery/food delivery app development is divided into three sections. The first is a consumer-facing mobile app (Android & iOS ), which is accessible by the customers to find & order the grocery, food, or pharmacy. The second one is Client facing web app where the employees of the company will update product & shipping details. Last one is the Delivery boys (drivers) mobile app, where they choose the shipment & update the status

Every fast delivery app has unique features to suit the market & the location the company is targetting, so to have some common ground to make cost estimation we assume that your custom grocery delivery app (or MVP - Minimum viable product) will be going to have at least the below features. Further, Most of the features of the Grocery delivery app are similar to the eCommerce app we explained in our previous post, so if you are reading this post after cost of eCommerce app development you may find that a few things are repetitive.

1. Consumer-facing Mobile Apps (for Android & iOS mobile).

We consider the following features are minimum to run a grocery/food/pharmacy delivery app and are counted for the cost estimation

List of customer-facing online grocery or food shopping Android & iOS mobile app features

2. Client-facing / Seller web app.

This web app will only be accessible to the designated staff of the company. This will be the dashboard to check/update/add all the details about grocery/food/pharmacy goods & delivery. It includes the following features.

List of client facing online grocery or food shopping web app features

3. Delivery agents mobile app(Android & iOS)

This app will be used by delivery agents to collect the item from the restaurant/pharmacy/grocery store and delivery it to the customer.

List of delivery agent grocery or food shopping mobile app features

With the above features, we could run a typical on-demand grocery/food/pharmacy delivery app. The cost of getting this custom app developed to suit company guidelines & design standards through our development agency is...

Final cost for online food/grocery delivery app.
Price in USD
Consumer-facing mobile app for Android & iOS with source code and custom logo.   $ 22,200/-  
Client-facing web app with source code   $ 3,500/-  
Delivery agents mobile app for Android & iOS with source code   $ 5,800/-  
Total   $ 31,500/-  

Frequently asked questions.

Will you implement grocery & food subscription services in my app?

Yes, any regular purchases could be marketed as subscriptions and will be implemented. Recently we have implemented monthly lunch subscriptions to one of our clients.

Could the shipment code be replaced with QR?

Yes. 06 digit number as shipment code could be replaced with QR code.

Could the customer shop for products without visiting the product description page?

Yes, the option of "add to cart" is available for individual items on the main page, category pages & search results with an option to select the quantity.

Could we moderate the reviews before they become visible to other buyers?

The option will be provided to the staff of the company to check the star rating & review posted by buyers. Only after the staff/moderator accepted the review, it will become visible in the app.

How much time will it require to build a custom grocery/food/pharmacy delivery app?

Generally, the cross-platform on-demand food delivery app with the above specification will be completed in 03 months including release to the app store & play store. However, it may take longer depending on the uniqueness of features required.

Could my company offer a discount code to the individual shopper?

Yes, of course, we could build a system to offer a discount code that applies only to the selected shopper. But the same is not included in this cost estimation.

Which backend do you use for the eCommerce app?

It is generally what fits the project better and also what our client prefers. However, most of the apps we built use Firebase for authentication, document storage, notifications, and BunnyCDN to serve images & video.

Which mapping service will be integrated into the app?

Most of our apps are built with Google maps, however, if you need to integrate any other map providers we could do that too.

Could you build product filtering and sort-by features?

If the company wants these features and if there is a scope to implement them, we could develop Filtering & sort by options without any additional charges.

Could you add the feature to notify the user when the "out of stock" item is replenished?

In the customer-facing mobile app, the user is presented with the option to select the "Notify Me" feature for the out-of-stock item. Once the item becomes available again, an alert to the respective user mobile will be sent. This feature is not considered in this cost estimation.

Could you make a system to contact the user without not letting the delivery agent know the customer's mobile number?

Few third-party services provide a phone number masking facility. We would integrate this masking feature into the app.

Could we send an email/SMS to the customer when the order is received, shipped, etc?

We show notifications/alerts on mobile about the grocery order & shipment details. Further, as this is a quick delivery app sending SMS/email for every small update is a little redundant and annoys the customer, so we recommend our clients accordingly. However, if you need this feature, we will get it done at an extra cost.

As a company, we do not want to maintain our delivery crew, so would you integrate a shipping partner?

If you are outsourcing portage, then the shipping partner of your choice will be integrated into the app so that grocery & pick-up details will be communicated automatically.

For a pharmacy app do you allow users to upload doctor receipts?

Of course, we add a feature to upload doctor receipts (in image format), so that medicines that need prescription could be delivered to the customer.

Could wooliv agency develop the Grofers, Haapyfresh, Instacart, Ubereats, Deliveroo clone apps?

Yes, we develop mobile applications to suit every possible design & feature.

Finally, no matter which location & niche you are targeting, If the app is easy to navigate and is designed for quick food & grocery order, it will win customers' hearts and become a major contributor to business success.

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