The estimated cost to build an online real estate broking mobile app with Flutter in 2022?

According to an industry estimate, around 6.5 million homes are sold in the USA in 2020 and is projected towards 7.1 million in 2021. Moreover, house prices are increasing nationwide despite the covid effect, which means there is an opportunity to make millions, but how do you sell to the tech-savvy generation without having a prominent presence in the tech gadget they always stare at?. It's simple by creating a mobile app that razor focuses on your audience and by providing superior homes at a better price. And here's the deal, you take care of the home part and we take care of mobile apps.


we forgot, as you are reading this, you already decided to have mobile apps for your business and wanted to know how much initial investment it needs, so here you go..!

A fully functional real estate broking app development is divided into three sections. The first is a consumer-facing mobile app (Android & iOS ), which is accessible by the customers to find properties & schedule visits. The second one is Client facing web app where the designated staff of the company will update property details. The last one is the real estate agent mobile app, which connects the agent with the buyer.

Every real estate/property broking app has distinctive features to suit the market & the location company is targetting, so to have some common ground for cost estimation we assume that the app will have at least the below features. This cost estimation applies to many forms of real estate & property broking namely House sales, renting of residential properties, apartment sales & rent, property lease, commercial properties(like buildings, warehouses & office space), vacant plots, Land ( like ranches, agricultural lands, hunting grounds).

1. Consumer-facing Mobile Apps (for Android & iOS mobile).

We consider the following are the minimum features that home buyer expects in a typical real estate broking app, so are counted for the cost estimation

List of online real estate broking mobile app features

2. Client-facing / Seller web app.

This web app will only be accessible to the designated staff preferably the principal broker or owner of the company. This is where the agency controls what should be displayed on the user's mobile app. It includes the following features.

List of client facing online real estate broking mobile app features

3. Real estate agent mobile app(Android & iOS)

This app will be used by real estate agents to communicate with buyers.

List of online real estate agent mobile app features

The system built with the above features is a good start to run a real estate agency and the cost of building these custom apps developed to suit brand guidelines & target audience through our development agency is...

Final cost for online real estate broking app.
Price in USD
Consumer-facing mobile app for Android & iOS with source code and custom logo.   $ 24,200/-  
Client-facing web app with source code   $ 3,800/-  
Real estate agents mobile app for Android & iOS with source code   $ 6,199/-  
Total   $ 34,199/-  

Frequently asked questions.

Is the property location is taken from GPS or the list of pre-defined places?

When the buyer is installed & opened the app for the first time application will request to select a place from the list of places where they are looking for a property. As the app is also having a search functionality to change the preferred property location, it doesn't matter that much.

Is the map in MapView in the mobile app could be zoomed in & zoomed out?

Zoom in & out feature will be provided to the app with a two-finger pinching gesture. And separate zoom In & zoom out buttons are also coded in the MapView.

How many options will be provided for home & land search filtering?

For home the filters are total property price, the built-up area of the property (sq. ft), number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, house age(year built). For land/acreages, filters are total land price, price per acre, agricultural/hunting/dry land. However, depending on the broking company requirement additional filters will be built.

How to host the virtual tour videos?

There are two possibilities, one is by using BunnyCDN or a similar video hosting platform to host videos & play them on the mobile application, the other is to upload the video to youtube and integrate the youtube player with the app.

How much time will it require to build a custom real estate broking app?

Generally, the real estate broking app with the above specification will be completed in 03 months including release to the app store & play store. However, it may take longer depending on the uniqueness of features required.

Could you integrate the schedule visit feature with Google/Microsoft/other calendars we are already using?

The calendar management tools of agent/business choice will be integrated into the app.

Is there any mechanism to avoid spam customers in this real estate app?

Mobile number verification will stop most spammers before they make a chat or video call, or scheduling visit. However, if the spammer verified their mobile number & started spamming the agents, you could block their app access. But you know, we are unable to block who directly contact the broker through phone & email.

What are the features included in video calling?

Video calling includes receiving the call, silent call, rejecting the call, changing camera(front or rare facing), mute the conversation.

Could you integrate Zoom(for video calls) into the customer-facing mobile app?

Zoom or Microsoft Teams could be integrated into the app.

Could the 360-degree virtual view of the property be integrated into the app?

We will integrate this feature. However, the same is not considered in this cost estimation.

Our company sells houses in only one city, could I limit the user to see properties in that location only?

If that is a business need, we will build a mobile app designed to focus on a single city of choice by replacing "search by city" functionality with "search by locality".

Could I add the street view to the location map?

If the mapping provider (selected by a real estate agency) has an API to offer a street view, we definitely will implement it.

Could the agent start chat & video call with the home buyer?

The first chat message should always come from the customer. Only after the agent received the initial message from the buyer the agent could be able to continue the chat & make a video call.

Are the favorited properties of the buyer are saved in the backend?

All favorited properties of users are saved in the backend and are accessible from any of the user devices if they verify the other devices with the same mobile number.

Our company is selling land & ranches, could you develop the app to that market?

We design & develop apps to suit every possible business need, so Yeah. Just mail us your requirements.

Could you build an app feature where customer can list their property without broker intervention?

Yes, this feature could be added to customer-facing mobile apps at an additional cost. However, as most of the individual sellers do not have the gadgets (for images & video) & writing skills required to present the property, we suggest our clients to review listings before they become live on the mobile application.

Could the wooliv agency develop the Zillow, StreetEasy, Redfin, Trulia clone apps?

Yes, we develop mobile applications to suit every possible design & feature. But you don't have to copy others to be successful, instead build an app that suits the company's target buyers & niche.

No matter whether you are a big broking firm having a nationwide presence or a small agency serving a single city If the business has a mobile app with all the features built to make transactions smoother, you win more customers and the good part is more customers always bring more revenue.

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