Get the advantages of single codebase for Android, iOS, Web apps with native performance.

Outsource Flutter mobile & web app development to us. And save both time & money.

User experience and performance of Flutter delivered by craftmanship of Wooliv.

Advantages of choosing Flutter and Wooliv for mobile & web app development.
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Custom Flutter development solutions

At Wooliv, we build tailored solutions for iOS & Android mobile devices and the web. Our experienced software developers scale start-ups, small-medium, and enterprise-size business apps with modification and integration services.

Offshore team you can trust

An Offshore team you can trust

Wooliv helps the US & European businesses to reach their full potential by delivering mobile & web apps of their vision with utmost quality. We put the customer first and are always ready to sign NDA without any counter conditions.

Fast & reliable development app development

Fast & reliable development

Whether you wanted to improve the user interface(UI) / user experience(UX) or fix the bugs or add new custom features, our developers will build quicker solutions. No matter how fast we deliver the product, it will always be scalable & well-tested.

Performant apps


As a framework, Flutter's performance is at par with the native codebase. As a development agency, we strive to deliver flutter apps as performant as native apps without bloating the codebase with unnecessary libraries & legacy code.

Priority service

The customer is a first-class citizen here and you always talk with a human, not with a bot. If you are facing any difficulty, just call or mail us. Remember, we don't reply to you with some template answer but will dig deep & provide you the solution.

and many other merits...

  • Clean coding practices
  • Expressive & Flexible UI
  • Less development & maintenance costs.
  • Well tested & well documented with less technical debt. etc.

Apps we developed & deployed.

Ferner Matrimony

It's a match making or dating app with video calling & chat facility.

Users can chat or video call only after they liked each other and notifications will be sent to the user when someone liked them. It includes mobile number verification too.

Download kannada matrimony from android playstore

flutter devs Ferner: matrimony App

Sernal: CBT thought dairy

Sernal is a complete journaling experience with daily motivation quotes, goal board, habits, sleep & medication tracker. Users could also take unlimited notes & draw feeling in the app.

App also shows daily graphs about habits data, medication details. Further users could also make personalized reminders, etc.

Download sernal CBT thought dairy from iOS store

flutter devs Sernal: CBT thought dairy app

Koodsu: Daily Yoga for everyone

Koodsu is a yoga app, where users are guided through daily yoga sessions

App also includes options to make the personalized yoga classes by users along with basic calorie tracker & weight tracker, blogs.

flutter devs Koodsu: Yoga App

Frequently asked questions.

Will my app be of the same quality as a local development agency?

Development quality doesn't depend on whether your app is developed by someone located near to you or away from you. The only thing that matters is how well they know the craft, so even though we have located thousands of miles far from you, our services will exceed our promises.

How much does it cost to develop a cross-platform mobile app?

Development cost with Flutter(cross-platform/hybrid framework) will be nearly 1/3 the cost of developing apps for Android, iOS, and the web with their respective(native) code.
As every app has built to unique customer needs, it will be difficult to give an exact figure without having clear project requirements. However, you could refer to our costing-related blogs, like the cost of developng dating app, the cost of eCommerce or online shopping app,etc, which give a rough idea of how much a typical project will cost.

Do you take care of my backend also?

Our services include complete mobile & web app development with flutter by including necessary backend & analytics endpoints. We develop APIs to suit project needs & also assist our clients with app release to Android's play store and Apple's app store.

What inputs do you need from us to complete the project?

A rough idea of the app you wanted to release will suffice. From there we will brainstorm, communicate & build all the necessary features with teeny-tiny details. And if you have all the Adobe XD & Figma designs ready, that is good too.

How often do you update the project status to clients?

Once or twice a week we do communicate the project details. However, if anything needs your approval/review, we will contact you as & when required. Further, we always love to show the actual development progress, so once every 02 weeks, we update the mobile app in testing mode (through play store & app store) & web app in the preview channel for accurate status.