Basic Features list for school or college website to fire up institution rapport.

features of school or college website

Ongoing pandemic has changed how students & teacher interact, with virtual classes taking the central stage. Even though a good digital presence offered immense growth before the pandemic too, once the COVID hit, it become a necessity to have a well-developed & maintained website and the institutes which banked on it from the start had got very positive impact.

Many of the schools & colleges missed this opportunity and now started to improve their digital presence by having a dedicated website for the institution. As we came across many educational institute websites, we noted that most of them look bland & ancient, lack basic features, and are cluttered. So we thought sharing a handful of tips about a few of the features which make the website resourceful & scroll worthy, if implemented properly, and here are those...

Home Page

This is the starting page of your school/college website, here include the details about the elements which are of high interest, like online admission, any award school got recently, quick links to many of the functionalities visitor uses often, a single line motto about the school, contact info, etc.


Here include details of the facilities your school got to offer like the library, science lab, computer lab, playground, swimming pool, yoga room, hostel/dormitory, transportation, etc, with nice pictures & videos of students actually using the facility.

Faculty Members

Include details of teachers/lecturers who are presently working in your institute with their qualifications, previous teaching experience, subjects they are teaching in an organized way. While writing about staff, be a bit casual and mention their hobbies, interests, spouse, etc.

Academics & curriculum

If you are a school give information about the board /school district you are accredited to along with the syllabus details(CBSE/ICSE/State). If you are catering to higher education then introduce the courses you offer along with what's the minimum qualification necessary to get entrance with the syllabus & prospects once the student completes the course.

Student Life on the campus

This page will show how a typical student spends his / her day or week on campus. include details about which activities are most encouraged. Also mention the independence given to choose activities/assignments, to get the best out of everyone, if any.

Recent activities

Being an educational institute I'm sure that you will be conducting a few interesting activities once in a while, add the details of those which resonate well with your students/parents community with nice pictures & videos. Present the details in a timewise or activity-wise entry with the option to share them on social media.

Accreditations & Awards

Show to which university or board the institute is accredited, with the accreditation/registration number ( or copy) to increase the trust of your patrons. Flaunt a little bit about any prestigious awards institute or any of the students or teachers received.

Online application

Include an easy-to-use form where parents could easily apply for admission or any of the add-on facility/course institute offers, this makes everyone's life easier & reduce the paperwork too. You can extend this facility with online payments also.

School Calendar

A place to show upcoming events (exams, cultural activities, sports days, holidays) to keep everyone informed.

About the school

To introduce the institution, its founding members & their details, culture, how it's got started along with the motto, vision, mission.

Along with the above, add a few lines about the below points, if it makes sense.

The above list seems a little daunting and we know, as website development & maintenance is not your core field of interest, you might not have the precious time & resources to get it done right. But guess what, we are specialized in building tailored websites to suit educational institute needs and will be happy to help you to take your website to next level.

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