Customer journey and order processing in e-commerce or online shopping app or website in 2022.

Flow chart of online order processing of shopping or e-commerce app & website

Online sales(retail e-commerce) in the US in 2021 have reached US$ 767 billion. If you are a business with a brick & mortar store, this is the right time to venture into online sales by having your online store. Online shopping is not limited to only electronics, clothes, or some fancy items. It has expanded to everything, which could be put in a box and shipped across distances, so no matter whatever you are selling or what you have wanted to sell there is always a scope to go online and improve your sales revenue & profits.


you have already heard it...

Really, like hundred times...!

Then, here is the flow diagram of how shopping experience & order processing will happen in a typical app & website setup.

Flow chart of online order processing of shopping or e-commerce app & website

Short version.

The mobile app/website will fetch the products data from the backend and displays it to the visitor. The customer will add the items to the cart they wish to purchase, then verify the mobile number & enter the delivery address and transfer the payment. After this backend generates a new order & notifies the warehouse about it. Once the item is packed, information will be sent to the shipping provider, then the shipper will pick up the item & deliver it to the customer. If the customer is not happy about the product he returns it. yeah no fuss, just that simple.

Looong version.

On the technical side, there are actually two separate systems working in the process one is a customer-facing mobile app & website where the customer shops the item and the other is a client-facing web app where the client/staff updates the data. so let's go one by one.

1. Customer-facing mobile app & website

2. Client-facing web app & Backend

The above covers the simple process flow of customer journey & order processing in a typical online store, but we could add a few more tweaks to improve customer satisfaction & revenue. Few of those are.

...and many other options, which suit your business niche like within 24hrs delivery for selected items, influencer discounts, gift engraving, pre-registration, etc. could be added.

Finally, our suggestion is no matter, whether you are just starting the e-commerce journey or already a reputed business, always go with tailored website & mobile apps, which resonates well with your target audience, so that you own all the user data and don't have to pay commission to an online middleman (like shopping providers or platforms). But remember we design, develop & maintain custom mobile apps & websites to suit your unique business needs, so when you need one just let us know.

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