Features list to be considered for a Skin or hair care clinic website.

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In this Instagram post-worthy selfie clicking competition age, everyone wants to look good & no one wants to take chance with better looks. Being a skin or hair care professional, you might already know that, many will think twice before changing their hand wash, then consider how much care they take before choosing any beautification services.

Customers who are regular to your parlor, do not need any special introduction and will come to you instinctively but what about new ones, how do you entice them to trust & visit your clinic. First-time customers didn't always know how good you are, they always gauge services by how you communicate your values & services. Do you know which medium communicates it best, of course, your website? So here are the few features, you need to include in your website to have a clear message...

Main Page

This is the starting page of the website, here add a few details about successful & notable treatments you have carried out, any ongoing offers, a few details about your work, quick contact information, and a quick link to online appointments, etc. Keep this page uncluttered & lightweight, by only providing important one-line information.

Treatments & Quality

Add details about all the services you offer and highlight the special treatments available. For skin & body care specialists, a few common services include acne, wrinkle, dermal fillers, skin brightening, fat reduction, etc. For hair care professionals, a few common will be a transplant, laser hair removal, etc.

Hygiene & Standards

Show how well you are maintaining the clinic & apparatus and how you follow relevant best medical practices and how it affects the patients positively.

Equipment & Technology

Show details of the types of equipment your parlor is equipped with and for which type of treatment a particular device is used. Even though many customers are not well aware of the devices, they will appreciate it if you have using the latest technological & medicinal advancements.


Communicate the merits of your clinic by highlighting key features, whether it's experience, staff members, operating ethics, unmatched customer service, etc., which suits your clinic persona best.


Whether you are dealing with skin/hair/body care the experience matter the most and if your staff has years of experience working with any other notable clinics show it here, it will improve the credibility of your clinic and patrons will have no doubts.

Online Appointments & Consultation

Most customers do not wish to come to the clinic early and wait till their term comes. so introduce an online booking service, where they can choose the time of their convenience & visit the parlor. Further, if you are getting most appointments in the evening, you could try to offer discounts for morning & afternoon calls, so that foot traffic will be distributed well & you could also serve the individual customer better. Also, offer the option for online consultation for customers looking for advice without an office visit. For both consultation * appointments you could include advance online payment, so that chances of customers missing the scheduled date will be minimal.

Customer journey & reviews

Include any 2-3 cases in which patients have undergone tremendous changes with before & after images, causes, medical actions you took to achieve results. As these are customer-centric businesses, displaying honest customer reviews with customer photos & what treatment they are undergone at your clinic helps a lot.

With the above basic sections added to your website you are good to go and One general advice we suggest is to try to add real-life images of your customers wherever possible and avoid stock & model images, as real customers pictures make the website more trustworthy.

However to provide even better information, try to include a few of the below details...

Finally, the best thing about website design & development for your skin or hair care clinic is that you could build it during your vacation too, but you must remember to place the purchase order on us before you go.

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